About NextPass


NextPass is a user-friendly mobile App that allows paying for any toll roads, bridges, tunnels, or express lanes within the Commonwealth of Virginia and eliminates the need for a transponder/toll tag or the use of cash lanes (please note, however, that the app is not supported at the Dulles Greenway, the Chesapeak Bay Bridge-Tunnel, and RMTA´s toll road facilities that are not open road tolling such as the Boulevard Bridge). You only need to download NextPass, insert your credit or debit card information and the license plate of the vehicle(s) for which you want to receive toll charges. Once the information is validated, the registered vehicle(s) is allowed to circulate on any toll facility in Virginia without incurring in toll agency violations, as toll charges are automatically paid through NextPass. In addition to working as a toll payment device, the App also provides information on past toll charges and transactions

NextPass is an official payment option authorized by the state toll agency.

Our team is ready to help! You can email us at support@NextPass.io. To contact us by phone, call us at 1-888-814-7766 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm EST.

Download NextPass from your mobile device by going to the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

For more info on NextPass please visit our webpage at www.NextPass.io
Easy toll payments in Virginia Easy toll payments in Virginia