Account Management


To set up your account, you'll need a valid email address, a vehicle license plate number and a valid credit or debit card.

Right after creating your account, add your license plate number and valid payment method and you're ready to go. Your NextPass dashboard will say, "All set! You can start paying toll roads with NextPass" and your vehicle will show "Activated."

It might take a few minutes. Try checking your spam folder. If it still isn't there, tap "Resend verification code" at the ""Verify your email"" screen in the app. Once you receive the verification code email, enter the code in the app to confirm your email address.

Click on "Forgot Your Password" and create a new one. If this does not solve the issue, please contact us at, or call 1-888-814-7766 and we will help you.

Go to the login page and click on "Forgot your password", then enter your email address and click on "Continue". A verification code will be sent to your email (check your spam folder). Enter the verification code received to continue the process. Now set a new password, click on "Continue" and a message will be displayed to confirm that "We have changed your password".

Your password must be between 8 to 64 characters and have at least three of the following: an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a digit, or a symbol.

Please make sure the password you are trying to enter is between 8 to 64 characters and has at least three of the following: an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a digit, or a symbol.

We are sad to see you go! To cancel your account with us, please go to "Manage Profile", select "My Personal information", then click on "Delete Account". Please note that simply uninstalling the app won't close your account or unregister your vehicle(s) with NextPass.

Once your account is cancelled NextPass no longer posts toll activity to your account. Therefore any charges on your credit or debit card after the cancellation date are related to past trips that you took while your account was still active. Keep in mind that it takes toll agencies up to 60 days to process trips and this is why you might receive charges to your credit card after cancelling your account.
Easy toll payments in Virginia Easy toll payments in Virginia