How it works

Before you drive

  • Enter your vehicle and payment information. Once your vehicle is activated, you are good to go!
  • Remove other toll payment equipment from your vehicle.

While driving

  • The tolling agency will take a picture of your license plate when driving through a toll road.
  • You don’t need to have your phone with you.

After you drive

  • Within 3 to 30 days after your trip, a toll charge will be posted to your account and automatically paid.
  • Activate push notifications to receive payment alerts.

Watch to Learn More

Register your vehicle
All we need is your license plate number and state.

Remove old transponders and toll tags
Even if they are in the glove compartment or trunk, NextPass won’t work.

Drive through free flowing tolls
The tolling agency will take a picture of your license plate and notify us of your activity.


The tolling agency will take a picture of your license plate. Once we are notified of your trip we can then charge you on your NextPass account.

Toll charges could take up to 45 days to be posted on your NextPass account from the day of the trip.
This timeframe allows for the processing and verification of toll transactions by the respective toll agencies.
Rest assured that we strive to promptly update your account with accurate toll charges.
We appreciate your patience during this period.

If you are using a toll on the list of roads where NextPass is supported, just drive through! Toll booths show a green light when a vehicle with a transponder approaches and the transponder signal is recognized. NextPass is not a transponder (or tag). With NextPass, your license plate will be recognized so you can keep driving even if the light is red.
Please advise that NextPass DOES NOT cover passing through gated toll booths such as toll roads with swing arms or gates aren’t supported.

It should only take a few seconds. Make sure the “Active” status is displayed on your vehicle’s detail indicating you are ready to use NextPass for toll payments.

No. The technology only needs to see a license plate, so once your plate is registered in the app, the state toll agency uses that to confirm your toll activity.

NextPass applies a 15% processing fee to the toll amount. This includes the pass-through fees from our payment service providers and credit card merchants.
For Virginia only, NextPass applies the processing fees charged by the state toll agencies.

If you switch to NextPass as your main tolling payment provider, make sure to follow these steps:
1) Download the NextPass app or sign up on the website.
2) Set up your NextPass account and complete registration.
3) Wait for your vehicle to be activated.
4) Remove any existing transponder or toll tag from your vehicle.
5) Drive with NextPass!

NextPass provides coverage for various types of tolls, including:
1. Highway tolls: NextPass can be used to pay tolls on highways and expressways where electronic tolling systems are in place.
2. Bridge tolls: NextPass is accepted for bridge toll payments, allowing you to conveniently pass through toll plazas without the need for cash or physical toll tags.
3. Tunnel tolls: NextPass can be used to pay tolls for tunnels that utilize electronic tolling systems.
Facilities that are not “open road tolling”, such as “arms”, are NOT covered by NextPass.
Please note that specific toll facilities and regions may have their own regulations and requirements. It’s recommended to check the list of supported states and toll facilities covered by NextPass for detailed information.