Toll Experience


Sure! You can enroll your handicap license plate on NextPass and a payment method for a successful setup!

Dynamic tolls are dynamic pricing strategies that adjust according to the demand and traffic volume.  

You can always contact the state toll agency on your own to dispute a payment.

Our team is ready to help! You can email us at, or use the chat on the website or the app.
Our phone line is open to assist you at 1-888-814-7766, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST, available in English and Spanish.

NextPass charges will only be applied to the account registered with the vehicle passing through the toll. You can have peace of mind knowing that only the designated NextPass account associated with the vehicle will be charged for toll payments.

No worries! You can essentially ditch your phone once your NextPass account is active, because the toll agency uses your license plate to confirm your toll activity.

If you are using a toll on the list of roads where NextPass is supported, just drive through! Toll booths show a green light when a vehicle with a transponder approaches and the transponder signal is recognized. NextPass is not a transponder (or tag). With NextPass, your license plate will be recognized so you can keep driving even if the light is red.
Please advise that NextPass DOES NOT cover passing through gated toll booths such as toll roads with swing arms or gates aren't supported.

These are highways or designated lanes where toll prices vary based on traffic conditions. Unlike static tolls, the prices for these lanes can be higher during peak times and lower during off-peak times. This dynamic pricing strategy helps to manage traffic flow and provide a smoother driving experience.

No, you can only pay tolls with NextPass for trips taken with an activated license plate/vehicle.

Our team is ready to help! If you receive a violation notice referring to a trip made while your NextPass account was active, you can email us at or use the chat from this website or the app. You can also contact us by phone at 1-888-814-7766, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST, available in English and Spanish.

Unfortunately, no, not yet. NextPass doesn't work with HOV functionality yet, so regular toll rates will always apply to your account.

Nope! Once your NextPass account is active, the toll agency uses your license plate to confirm your toll activity and sends us a bill to process payment to your NextPass account.

No. The technology only needs to see a license plate, so once your plate is registered in the app, the state toll agency uses that to confirm your toll activity.

The tolling agency will take a picture of your license plate. Once we are notified of your trip we can then charge you on your NextPass account.